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You need to already know each other for your job share to be successful...

In the third of our debunking the myths of job sharing series, we look at the myth that you need to already know your job share partner to be successful... We can, first hand, quash this myth. Whilst Rachel is on maternity leave, we have recruited a brilliant professional to cover, who Hannah is currently partnered with. Whilst we don’t have the history of working together, we have found our chemistry through our combined careers, similar values and were bouncing ideas off each other from day one! You just know when you know! • We recently answered a question from an internal recruiter on how to test chemistry and ‘fit’ at interview stage (post coming on this next year), but refer to our post of 23 October for more information. What matters is chemistry and a shared work ethos and approach to ownership (see our post of 27 November), not that you know each other prior to your partnership. We have come across many stories where job share partners have known each other at work prior to their job sharing arrangement (like us!), and it’s often because job sharing is not usual in the organisation, so two people work together to pave the way (like us!). However, we have also come across so many examples where individuals have not known each other prior to job sharing. • In fact, we heard an amazing example recently where two individuals were down to final interview stage for a senior role. At this point, both were highlighting their need to work flexibly for personal reasons, so the headhunter working on the role suggested a job share to the two candidates. They set up a chemistry meeting, it worked, and they were successfully recruited into the role as job share partners. We think that this is an incredible example of the headhunter thinking outside of the box to secure the best candidates for the role...and a great conclusion to dispel this myth! #debunkingjobsharingmyths #debunkingmyths #mythsvfacts #mythsvsfacts #jobshare #jobsharing #jobsharepartners #recruitingajobshare #recruitingjobsharers #recruitment #recruitingflexibly #onejobtwominds #benefitsofjobsharing #chemistry #sharedvalues #ownership #greatexampleofsuccessfulrecruitment #flexappeal

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