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We didn't look for a job to share, we looked for a job we wanted and pitched how to make it work

We love to share job share pair profiles – and what better example from this partnership as previously featured in the Telegraph - that of Hilary Cross and Lynda Thomas at cancer support charity, Macmillan. The pair job shared from 2016 in the role as CEO, with Thomas quoting “the only reason I have this role is because I started a job share 15 years ago” starting from a chance conversation at a water cooler resulting in a joint application for the Head of Media and Campaigns. . They sold the benefits of having combined twenty years of experience and better cover for when the other was on holiday. This meant they had a joint contract, trusted each other’s decisions, each pulling their weight and always taking the time to do a detailed handover. . “We didn’t look around for a job that was a job share, we looked around for a job that we wanted and pitched as to how we could make it work afterwards.” . Much like ourselves, the duo felt a huge responsibility to prove that a job share at a senior level is viable for working women. By demonstrating that it can work for us, we hope to show that it can work for you too. . #flexibleworking #thejobsharepair #jobsharing #jobshare #thetelegraph #macmillan #worklifebalance #worklifebalancegoals #careergoals #recruitment #hr #workthatworks #makingworkwork #parttime #parttimejob #flexappeal #letstalkaboutflex #letstalkaboutflexbaby #sharingexperiences #jobshareprofiles

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