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The cross-over day is an additional expense...

In day two of our series to debunk the myths of job sharing, we address the point that having a cross-over day is an additional expense to a business. . There is truth to this. In both working 3 days per week, there IS an additional cost to the business in two people covering one day together. However... In our minds for a job share to work really effectively - the period of crossover is an absolute must. We have spoken about watertight handovers in various formats but in working seamlessly you need some time together to brainstorm, review options and problem solve. . The limited time that we have together is something that we still struggle with as we gain so much from working together on our crossover Wednesdays, so it forces us to be really disciplined with our time and how we choose to use it. . Our crossover day also allows for the business to gain the benefit of two minds and a unified approach to move things forward. The additional cost to the business is outweighed by the huge benefits of insight from two minds, two trains of thought, two perspectives and two people who are dedicated to making things happen. See some stats around this from our “productivity” post on 20 Nov. . We work in a flexible arrangement and we have a sense of responsibility to offer flexibility as well. This means that where work demands or deadlines require, we are happy to work around our home lives where necessary. We have clear boundaries set between us, (we will be covering this topic in the future to share how we make this work) but ultimately expense around our crossover business day covers any additional time that the business might require from us over and above contracted hours. . Investment in a job share arrangement reaps huge benefits. Job sharers, in setting out their working practices, principles and strategies can demonstrate their value in delivery, at the end of any performance assessment, by illustrating what they have driven in speaking the businesses’ language - 🙌 proving their worth in action 🙌. . #teamwork #twoheadsarebetterthanone #thejobsharepair #maternityleave #onejobtwominds #jobsharing #flexibleworking #flexappeal #worklifebalance #hradvice #recruitment

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