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I'll have to say the same thing twice...

In the first of our debunking the myths of job sharing series, we look at the fear that stakeholders will need to say the same thing twice... For job sharing to truly work, you need to be committed to a seamless delivery. That means it’s all about communication. Your handovers are critical, and should focus on the absolute critical need to knows as you walk through your door at work, the facts, the background, the decisions made and approaches taken. But you also need to handover the emotion; you need your job share partner to understand the lay of the land and walk into their day one feeling as if they’ve been with you for your part of the week. With key messages and information shared there should be no need for a stakeholder to need to repeat themselves. Instead you should be able to pick up that piece of work and progress. We believe that with key working principles in place at the outset, a commitment to seamless delivery (see our post of 30 October for more information) and effective communication (see our post of 9 October for our tips on this) this myth can be completely dispelled. However, if a job sharing arrangement is new to a stakeholder, you or your organisation, you may need to do some work to help others realise that they will not need to repeat themselves to each of the job share partners. If a stakeholder starts to tell you the same story stop them and explain you already know, focussing on the next steps. This will not only help your credibility, but will show your job share partner you have their back. In fact, you want to get to a point where you walk in on your day one and there is no question of whether you have an understanding of the state of play...and your stakeholders confuse which of you is which!!

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