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Coaching and Consulting

Coaching truly maximises the potential of any job share couple, providing an opportunity to delve into specific dynamics of the partnership. Through scenario based discussion and interpretation of individual psychometrics, we create a safe yet challenging space to discuss important factors to the job share relationship, to provide the best opportunity for seamless working success.

We offer bespoke services to organisations and individuals alike drawing on our job sharing and flexible working expertise. As experienced HR professionals and job sharers with industry experience, we have a unique understanding of the need to meet business goals balanced with individual requirements for flexibility. We believe this makes us a truly unique partner to meet your needs, maximising efficiency and engagement levels both at work and at home.

A customisable coaching programme

We work with our partners to create tailored coaching programmes suited to your needs. Why work with us?

  • We work together with you to create agreed working job share principles based on our experience and that of our network, with guaranteed, tried and tested clear steps for success. 

  • Using your individual results from psychometric assessments we delve deeper into the job sharing partnership, identifying areas of alignment or potential disparity to manage and counteract problems before they arise.

  • We work through the practicalities of a how a successful job share operates, (including but not limited to) performance management to ensure your career aspirations and goals are being met, how to effectively line manage others as a duo, provide excellence in client delivery, build strong communication avenues and efficiently manage the day to day operations of your role.

  • Through workshops we plan for potential challenges and barriers you may face through scenario planning, giving you the tools you need to overcome issues if/when they arise.

  • We offer coaching support specifically for the line manager of a job share couple to build strong foundations for open feedback and progress.

  • We offer bespoke practical information relevant for team members, direct reports, clients and stakeholders to proactively manage initial questions around new ways of working.

  • We deliver training programmes to leaders/managers/peers to facilitate cultural acceptance and change regarding flexible working options.

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Our Services

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