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For business owners, leaders and HR professionals

Our passion is to make job sharing more accessible and successful, normalising it as a fantastic way of working that benefits all. We are here to assist you in creating a high performing, flexible working culture and operation; future proofing your talent pipeline, ensuring you are an employer of choice and getting great business results.

Job sharing is not just a route to work life balance for your employee group but results in hugely beneficial business outcomes. Flexible working currently contributes £37bn to the UK economy and an increase in flexible working could unlock a further £55bn in benefits to the economy. Yet more figures from this groundbreaking research sponsored by Robert McAlpine (in partnership with Anna Whitehouse #flexappeal) has shown that that refusing flexible working requests is costing businesses £1.7bn a year. Flexible working is not a nice to have, it makes commercial sense. 

So what next? We can help by

  • shaping your flexible working strategy

  • writing or review bespoke policies

  • guiding current or new job sharers through bespoke coaching

  • developing managers and leaders with confidence 

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