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Our mission and passion is to make job sharing

an accessible option for all

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What is job sharing?

Simply put, job sharing is the undertaking of a full-time role – carried out by two people (who individually work on a part-time basis). 

One job, two minds

One job, two skill sets

One job, two diverse ways of thinking

One job, two problem solvers

One job, two unique assets 

One job, united progression

One job, united ambition

One job, unparalleled loyalty 

One job, business continuity

One job, unrivalled opportunity

The benefits are endless...

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Job Sharing For business

In this challenging economic landscape, it is critical that companies take action to draw on the best possible talent to compete and grow. We are here to present the infinite benefits of job sharing to you and your business, providing you with unique insights to offer competitive advantage, with a diverse workforce and as an employer of choice, reaping the rewards of highly engaged employees.


The ability to work flexibly can mean the difference between remaining and progressing in a career or leaving. Studies and research highlight that flexibility in working hours and patterns are no longer a perk, but an expectation. Business critical, senior roles can, and more increasingly are, undertaken in a job share. 

Let us help you to build a working culture that everyone wants to be a part of and no one wants to leave. We present a comprehensive structure and bespoke solution corroborated by research to demonstrate that job sharing is not only commercially viable, but is good for business. 


For you

With experience of job sharing in a senior role ourselves, and 25 years HR experience as a duo, we are here to coach and support you, a potential or existing job sharer, in operating at your most efficient and effective whilst performing in a role that you love. Job sharing has provided us with the utopia of true work life balance and we are here to spread the word.


Job sharers, unite!

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